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​Whether it is in a professional or a personal environment, you will invariably be led at one time or another to speak in front of an audience. You might be asked for your opinion during a meeting, to introduce yourself in front of your new boss or a new colleague, to explain your work to a client, to take the floor at a colleague retirement party or simply to thank friends who organized a surprise to celebrate your birthday. In short, opportunities abound.

For some, it seems so easy, while for others, it is terribly difficult. If you are in the second category, perhaps you have said to yourself that you did not have this skill and you simply avoid having to speak in public. The dice are not thrown at birth. Some people seem to have inherited a gift, but the art of public speaking is accessible to everyone.  

Toastmasters provides a methodology and an environment conducive to the development of communication skills. Public speaking will not create anymore anxiety. Once you master the Toastmasters methodology, you will take pleasure speaking in front on an audience. Yes, you can do it!